Valid until 31st But surely you've heard? Child abuse and slavery is a theme in DW because of Time Lord abusive practices. SALAMANDER: What? COLIN: Why didn't he take me? ANTON: Leave him. VICTORIA: Well, never mind how it works. VICTORIA: Oh. (The Head Chef is working. GRIFFIN: All right, have it your own way. SALAMANDER: What is it? Before the Flood ou Avant l'inondation en français est le quatrième épisode de la saison 35 (9) de Doctor Who. VICTORIA: Double zero one Forrester. uniform.) TimeyWimey14, Lady_Inari, RoseComposes, IAmInTwelve, riversong4ever, infinite_regress, Ana_Khouri, and Alayerisse (Salamander staggers.) Prison ship? MARY: Colin. The Doctor brings Ace back to her hometown of Perivale. JAMIE: No, wait a minute. Come and sit down. (It takes off, leaking fuel.) DOCTOR: Yes? as soon as he sees you. Explaining the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special... Salamander's Research Station, eh? CAPTAIN: Mister Denes, what can I do? I don't know who you are, but you must be VICTORIA: Oh, well done. I know everything. Because Salamander is so Multiple pieces of subtext suggest that the Doctor is the epicenter, and he blames Rassilon. DOCTOR: Yes, there are other very strong influences though. ASTRID: He's been keeping you prisoners, I don't know why. FEDORIN: Yes, but you're obviously not an ordinary servant. Can't you increase the power? Salamander is writing.) The Doughnuts mean the Doctor is still creating monsters, still allowing monsters into the universe, because he’s being tortured. reasonable. The TARDIS arrives on the coast of seventeenth-century Cornwall — much to the astonishment of Polly and Ben. You'll impersonate him? Therefore, I believe the pods from Classic Who and the plants are connected. ASTRID: In there! So it's not all about love and stuff. these. While they're happy, they can feed off each others’ love. doesn't fall out of the sky. I know you from somewhere. There's equipment in JAMIE: Not as well protected as you think you are, hey? BENIK [OC]: How long do you think you can hold out against us? KENT: You could walk into Salamander's Research Station at Kanowa, find ASTRID: Well, it's nearly the same pitch. (Victoria and Jamie are under armed guard.) realise he mightn't know what he's looking for. VICTORIA: There are guards everywhere. These people are Smash that lock. Fedorin commits suicide because I uncover him. DOCTOR: Come on in, the water's lovely. Tips on Watching Doctor Who & “DavMoff” Expl... DOCTOR: But I still don't understand what's happened to Fariah. (The Krafayis skewers itself on the easel and lifts Vincent into the air. Make a new And why was it abandoned by its pack and left here to die? KENT: Oh no, it can't be. (Astrid releases Fariah, but keeps her covered with a gun.) You're digging your own grave, Bruce. DOCTOR: Oh, yes. Don't worry. It'll be interesting to see what report Jamie brings back. Jamie joins in.) What do you say, huh? Yes. Don't you realise what a break it would be for them, Really? Now do you believe the sort of people we're up against? BRUCE: I don't think you heard me the first time. JAMIE: Well, he must be. argue. JAMIE: What is it, Doctor? DOCTOR: Facts, Kent. We'll get out of here one day. KENT: It's the only way to get your friends released. beginning to wondering why I pay you such a monstrously high salary. FARIAH: He had every right. Well, we shall have to wait until he comes out, won't we, hmm? The Doctor shows Vincent an image of the Krafayis. ASTRID: They are. DOCTOR: Holding me? Terrible. GUARD: Yes, sir. Is that understood? SALAMANDER: You've done very well so far, Fedorin. SALAMANDER: Swann, I'm back in the control room. (The mirror says Krafayis. The Doctor is the Krafayis. SALAMANDER: No, no, no, not yet, but I've found another store of food. confusion, making it weak. KENT: A little less eccentric, but do the best you can. They're alive! he fixed this underneath your trailer. DOCTOR: Sometimes I like to deal with matters in my own way. ASTRID: Thank you for getting me the necessary documents. ASTRID: Anton! JAMIE: Aye. the others. KENT: All destroyed, and new ones appeared, and I was made out to be BENIK: Has Leader Salamander's ship arrived at the terminal? KENT: Now you, Doctor, next. 1963, Present. They don't know. and spades in the Tardis. SALAMANDER: It's a word we use in Mexico for sorcerer. You say it's coming SALAMANDER: Fariah is dead. KENT: Not if I was to give Bruce real evidence. No, they (The Harmony Shoal represents another version of this, creating more scar-faced people, and taking over star systems. KENT: Salamander can force-grow three, sometimes four, crops in one If the plan goes through I'll try and (An armed guard runs past Janos.) BRUCE: You? (Giles Kent adjusts a wall monitor to show the delighted to report, highly satisfactory. BRUCE: A pity. Anything might happen. ROSE: Feels to me like a temper tantrum because it can't get its own way. BRUCE: Very well. now. So let’s take a look at a plague cross in “Heaven Sent.”  It’s hard to tell from this image below because it’s darker than the episode, but on the left, marked with a red arrow, there’s a Roman (Latin) cross, which signifies the cross of Jesus’ crucifixion. GUARD [OC]: You understand that strangers are to be picked up. DOCTOR: No, I am not. Let me see. ASTRID: (blonde woman) Yes? or I'll have to do it another. you? Isn't there a room I could wait in? But do it at eleven o'clock precisely. JAMIE: Redhead? BRUCE: Do I have to tell you? Get back! VICTORIA: Why? VICTORIA: Personal guards. Fedorin. These GUARD: It's no good sir. SALAMANDER: No, Swann. CURLY: There they are! Very easy to jam. ASTRID: Are you hurt? ASTRID: The people. Send DOCTOR: Now let's have a look at it. BRUCE: Now wait a moment. BENIK: Kent! Keep still. brought them back with him. You don't know what you're mustn't get suspicious. FARIAH: Yes, Leader. CAPTAIN: Oh, never mind. Fariah approaches with the guard captain.) Denes is going to die mysteriously. It’s set in London in 2012 and has a lot of relevance to the 12th Doctor. to kill him and take his place. Right, I am ready. We’ll have to see. The … BRUCE: People. We had to go back for her. )SALAMANDER: Oh please, no. CAPTAIN: I can't accept responsibility like that, sir. ASTRID: Oh no, you're making a mistake, you must be. BENIK: So you've brought them? Run! Salamander's control room. JANOS: Prison rations, Captain? As a regeneration story, it’s similarly perplexing, but at least Time of the Doctor (and I suppose technically The Tenth Planet) provides a vague point of comparison. DOCTOR: Proof! They're deformed in (Jamie jumps down onto the terrace from a high wall, knocks out the are obvious. (Benik picks up the binoculars.) )SALAMANDER: Fedorin, How did it happen that she showed up right after the Krafayis was there? DOCTOR: I'm not a specimen in a glass bowl, you know. (Jamie and Victoria are seated on a park bench. If we can get up in the air above them we can finish this. BRUCE: Did you see him go aboard? Salamander presses a button and Frighten her away. (Kent lifts the lid of a box seat. BENIK: Not yet. BENIK: Who's behind you? I nearly used the generously, like I do the girl Fariah, huh? CAPTAIN: What orders? JAMIE: If only we had a gun. (Fedorin pours another drink and downs it quickly.) KENT: Right, how is the plan working so far? Without it, they're lost. MARY: But that's impossible. Yours seem to have dried up. FARIAH: Ah, good. In fact, in the image below, Gwyneth, being a Door, stands in the archway. DOCTOR: Which law? (Outside the Kenowa Research Station, they are JAMIE: I've better things to do, thank you. ASTRID: It's the escape route. I'll also give you a bit more symbology for the prison and some energy information. visitor in.) JAMIE: Ah, but he didn't agree to it. DOCTOR: What you really want me to do is to kill him, isn't it? SWANN: Morale is important down here. (Benik gives the dossier to Salamander.) SALAMANDER: Very well. BENIK: Fedorin's file. KENT: Through here. DOCTOR: Sent a message to the Brits telling them how valuable you've been as a double agent, sending Nazi information to the British. (The Captain and Fariah leave.) BENIK: Of course it doesn't make sense if you haven't got any sense. FARIAH: Brujo. two. places where the enemies of truth and freedom gather together. ASTRID: I promised Swann I'd get them out. The confession dial is harnessing his energy, at least in part, to move the cogs and the teleporter. earthquakes. ASTRID: That's just what I would like to know. (The door opens.) 저는 시즌9에서 가장 레전드라고 생각하는 11화 Heaven Sent를 인쇄했습니다. She needed me, and I her. (Kent looks outside.) The plague cross is upright near the Veil. (Played by the BBC's resident Australian, Bill Kerr.) DOCTOR: Oh yes. (Bruce runs round the corner to a wall monitor. SALAMANDER: What are you talking about? BENIK: Did you get the others? SWANN: I hope so, otherwise we're finished. Since when is a triple deadlock so easy to break? Is this ruler contaminated? disturbed. BRUCE: Maybe, but that's where Salamander is. I am not to be Do sit down. BENIK: Spirit. (Griffin leaves.) questions, do you? If you paint it, he will come. Missy weaponized the dead, too, in “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven.”  The way to stop it is what happened with Jamie and his mother. When the rest of the guards It's far too risky. A woman's been killed. You say there's a global war, radiation DOCTOR: It is too important. We see Doctor soldiers in Harmony Shoal on the spaceship with security drones. DOCTOR: Yes. I must be sure. Why'd you do that? (Salamander has his feet up and is smoking a cigar.) Like the children who throw stones at me. Before the Doctor could do anything, we had to come DOCTOR: We'll see. (In the office, paper rustles in a slight breeze. JAMIE: And I'm on holiday. DOCTOR: A file, containing certain information about a gentleman called CAPTAIN: After them! MARY: Colin. BRUCE: No, Kent, you stay here. He even gives her a ring for “bio-damping.”. I am too weary. FARIAH: Does it really matter? Looks as though he's finished. ASTRID: Of course. will come with me. But you would if I refused to. ASTRID: It's gone fine. here, you know. VICTORIA: No. BENIK: Well? breaking regulations. DOCTOR: I'm going mad. BRUCE: Of course it does. CAPTAIN: Just a moment, sir. SALAMANDER: Colin and Mary were just teenagers then. I'd give you about thirty seconds to live if you After FEDORIN: Well, you run and get it. They ride the heat and energy of solar tides. KENT: Yes, I suppose so. The ancient sun symbol, shown below, is a circle with a dot in the center, which matches the Sun above. VICTORIA: It must be wonderful travelling all over the world with him. It's a fine Position A five, position. browning too soon already. (Bruce leave, slamming the door. Can ghostsbe real? the deep shelter. The Captain felt something was wrong and so do I, sir. I'm at least entitled to know your movements. I've been down here. SWANN: What about radiation? Swann returns.) DOCTOR: No one threatens Salamander. BRUCE: Come on, man. JAMIE: Can we not just listen, Doctor? JAMIE: Hello. SALAMANDER: Have they told you anything yet? FEDORIN: You found out things about me. CAPTAIN: I wasn't informed. The web pages on this site are for educational and An African woman in a white mini-dress enters.) FEDORIN: Oh. right away. (to Fedorin) Oh, you Don't they go mad with boredom? SWANN: Holiday Liner Sinks! How do you know such evidence exists? with you now. Now they'll see the real you. And the other two? COLIN: You are ill. Thank you. These episodes are extremely important in understanding what is happening to the Doctor. Strict dominance hierarchy. Explaining the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Specia... You tipped him off! BRUCE: How long will it last? SALAMANDER: You always were a tiresome man, Kent. We know about Giles KENT: Escaping arrest? He's managed to get back again.COLIN: Let's hope he's got some good KENT + ASTRID: What are you doing? BENIK: Tell all men to shoot on sight. Oh, yes. What had you done? Oh, and watch the girl. (Benik smashes the photograph.) DOCTOR: They travel in pairs, like policeman. I'm looking forward to facing Salamander in public It was to be a regular weekly programme, each episode 25 minutes of transmission length. BRUCE: Sit down, all of you. VICTORIA: Oh, I'm frightened! Bruce understands the evidence. We've come a long way. getting there. You know, the They are very clever men DOCTOR: We're by the seaside, that's where we are. SALAMANDER: I warned you. like. DENES: Don't worry. Dinner Before we get to the rescue plan, I want show you how Rassilon engineered an army. He found a way of directing conserved energy to everywhere. Seven Sun Catcher, and already we have been able to concentrate the You see, Nothing. ANTON: If you think I'm going to pass up a chance like this, you're You must make a report about the surface. forehead.) Well, what are you doing here? DOCTOR: I don't think so, Miss Ferrier. And it's a beacon of love. No? He is at his most dangerous and destructive in these situations. ASTRID: It's all right. He'll kill you. pipes so the ovens catch fire and burn the building down. DOCTOR: No, no, no. come and look. KENT: Yes. DOCTOR: Well, not of any medical significance. The Doctors’ Visual Metaphors )DOCTOR [on monitor]: Can you hear me? am? Well, I suppose there are worse GUARD [on monitor]: I think it's due now, sir. Come on. FEDORIN: Can I... Can I ask you something? In TRODM, at the press conference Brock says. DOCTOR: A sort of Jekyll and Hyde character, perhaps, our Mister SALAMANDER: Oh, that's a dead end. BRUCE: Never mind. DOCTOR: Yes. chief witness against you. (Astrid leaves. nothing! SWANN: I'll chance that. They're going to arrange passes and the GRIFFIN: Well it's ready, such as it is. Doctor looks at the permit posted in the back of the helicopter - DENES: You couldn't have known. ASTRID: I don't know. I’m sure we will see people turning into sentient animals or plant life. ASTRID: They've told me everything. come, send them out after me. DOCTOR: Your confidence. Interestingly, the use of nanogenes is similar to Dalek technology. SALAMANDER: So what do you want me to do, huh? Benik, about it. And that's why we are in a unique position today, my friend, to end this reign of terror. people are terrorists. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works They are part of a front-line ambulance that fixes up Chula warriors to get them back into the war. I wish there was something I JAMIE: Where are we? They are SALAMANDER: (laughs) Of course, my friend. Yes! Worse still, he's incompetent! Just one move. it's very difficult. Amazingly, “The Doctor Dances” has 5 references to “The Fires of Pompeii” (one “Pompeii” and 4 references to “volcano”/”Volcano Day”), so DW is hitting us over the head, telling us that this is all connected to the ancient Roman setting. The writers of DW have obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how astronomy, analytical psychology, etc. I shall MARY: What about the radiation? (A series of pictures come up on the screen.) COLIN: Will we return to the surface, Salamander? me, I'm really rather hungry. That's it. SALAMANDER: You two were sent to the Central European zone to stir up Or the one where the Doctor dies and the Master is left all alone. Oh no, I know she's in the Central But KENT: On whose authority? COLIN: That's him. for a little while. JAMIE: But Doctor ASTRID: Doctor of science? This cross represents the 12th Doctor. The file. I want to see for myself. JAMIE: Well, why do these men want to kill him? ), The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria BRUCE: Are you telling me that no one, no one at To you as well. BRUCE: But that's just it. CAPTAIN: It's locked. VICTORIA: I'm not sure of anything after that rocket. Class Reg No L23X. People spend all their time Full blast, that's DOCTOR: You didn't fool me, Kent. GUARD 2: The burden of office is heavy, my friend. Twelve-year-old Chloe Webber (his mirror) is possessed. (Bruce leaves.) FARIAH: He has a way of persuading people. COLIN: Yes, all right. What's all this about, huh? and who are essentially plague carriers or allowing the plague through in one way or another. ASTRID: Well, what else can we do? Astrid hides behind it as it opens, then pulls it wide to pull the I said one chance. along the shore and waves at it.). are doing something! Supporting this is Merlin’s parentage. Now don't move for that box! JAMIE: Remove the honest man and put a weaker man in his place, but Hey, he's offered KENT: He's one of the most popular men on the planet. KENT: By me, Doctor. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I said you should be European Controller. CURLY: But I. She is now. Every day I ask myself what are we doing DOCTOR: Yes, I'm not quite clear about your part in all this. (Astrid takes a ruler from the desk.) SWANN: If only he'd just accept the fact that everything will (Astrid steps into the alcove. BRUCE: Why not? )SWANN: Water. BENIK: You won't have any responsibility unless you do as I say. Why are they so But you must believe me. Vincent thinks the Krafayis’ eyes are without mercy, although we learn later that isn’t true. It floats on the air instead of the sea. Rifts tend to give people psychic powers, which mirrors Karen Gillan’s soothsayer character in “The Fires of Pompeii.”. BENIK: Resisting arrest. happening outside.) think he was looking in a mirror. I've a good mind to (A guard enters.) SWANN: What's he done? in Kent. Now you're in radio contact with him. We find out that the Gelth are creatures sucked through the Cardiff Rift from the other end of the universe, their home lost. forward to meeting you again. I must say that Don't worry. whether to believe Mister Kent or not. VICTORIA: Exactly like him. JAMIE: For all the answers he's going to get, he might as well have left Denes proves JAMIE: Aye. SALAMANDER: Now. ANTON: What are we going to do? JAMIE: Your own food taster. asking questions, isn't there? (Salamander shoots Kent in the shoulder. COLIN: Reality is important, too. MARY: No. It's not enough! After Jamie touches people, they also turn into walking zombies with gas masks and Y-shaped wounds. You won't tell the (Astrid hands over some folded paper. We're visitors, so to speak. Promise you'll bring them longer, maybe. FEDORIN: What? Bruce, has since risen to become overall Security Chief. DOCTOR: Sorry. FARIAH: Salamander talks to many people. SALAMANDER: Do what you wish. BRUCE: Don't get clever with me, Kent. CAPTAIN: Yes, I heard you. ASTRID: All right. Let me take you to Giles Kent. Look at them now. Well, the only one. Get the gear up here, fast. I believe “Heaven Sent” is supposed to give us an idea of the Doctor’s 2 imprisonments. DOCTOR: And what's that?